How Cow Mats Help Dairy Farm Owners Make Profits

Duratuf Cow Mats

Humane dairy farming is a tricky subject, but with cow rubber mats it is a step towards animal protection in the dairy industry. A healthy dairy cow should have at least 5-6 lactation periods.

If you are not taking care of your cattle, then that cycle is cut short drastically.

This is where cow rubber mats ensure that your cattle don’t continue to stand for too long. And they are comfortable throughout.

To many humble dairy owners, this may come as an additional expense.

But this is where we can tell you this from years of innovating rubber solutions for livestock owners; that is false.

Hurrying to save on costs have actually or refraining from installing Cow Mats in cowsheds has cut down cattle milk production.

This also means that as a dairy farm owner you would be missing out on a lot of sales.

Such poor housing can ruin your cow’s health and welfare. And, one of the major contributions to cows and their ill health in dairy farms is the flooring.

Therefore, if you want to ensure your dairy farm practices are humane and cost-effective in the long run, installing quality rich Cow Rubber Mats is going to be one of the first places you start.

How Cow Mats Help Dairy Farm Owners Make Profits

Cow Mats | Why Use Them?

If you are looking for concrete reasons as to why should you invest in Cow Mats for your livestock, then the most obvious answer would be because it is humane.

But, from a business perspective, Cow Rubber Mats have the sole potential of improving so much more in your dairy farm business.

But before that understanding, the flooring options for cows is very important.

Most of the cattle facilities will have concrete flooring. The main reason behind it is that it is super cheap. But that is one of the single most harmful things for your cows.

Research shows that cows and livestock prefer walking and standing and increase in laying down period on rubber as compared to concrete. Because locomotion and friction are safer and better on rubber surfaces.

Advantages of Installing Cow Rubber Mats

Your dairy cow’s feet are made for softer surfaces; rubber mats are proven to have a healthy impact on their daily mobility, health, hygiene, and behavior – not to mention an increased milk production.

Anti-Skid Surface

Cow Rubber Mats not only reduce risks of slipping, but they also increase a cow’s stride and step length.  Cows prefer rubber mats as softer floors are like their natural habitat – green grassy fields.

Provide Cushion and Support

Cow Rubber Mats can prevent foot and joint disorders in your livestock. That occurs when your cow regularly stands for a long period on a concrete surface.

Effective  Insulation

The installation of cow rubber mats significantly reduces the cold and heat from the base floor; its insulating properties help to protect cows against rheumatism, fatigue. Remember., even your livestock needs a comfortable place to be.


Cow rubber mats are easy to clean and disinfect- they are non-porous and do not retain moisture. They also have better waste drainage which ensures better sanitary conditions. Making it very easy flooring to maintain.

Increased Blood Circulation

With the increased laying down periods, comfortable and insulated flooring your cows are going to be healthier which improves the blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation, in turn, ensures that the lactation periods of your cows are healthier, and the milk flow is increased.


For all the investments in their health and maintaining a concrete flooring, you would rather ensure steady business, animal welfare and safety, and long-term profits by investing in your livestock health. Cow Rubber Mats/ Buffalo Mats are exactly what works within that cost-effective equation.

Take Away

Injured and stressed cattle will not produce milk to the production level you need. In fact, you will be spending more on extra labor and financial loses. The humane and careful management of your cows in your dairy farm will keep them healthier and will increase the overall productivity of your dairy farm.

So, to ensure your dairy farm is well equipped, humane in its practices and doesn’t incur financial losses install quality-driven Cow Mats. And where to find affordable and quality rich Cow Rubber Mats? – Of course, Duratuf Store.

Our prices are set keeping our dairy farm owners in mind and the quality is set to be uncompromised with natural rubber components that ensure your Cow Rubber Mats lasts you a long time.

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