Things You Didn’t Know About Cow Mats – And Why They Matter

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Cow Mats or also known as buffalo mats are designed to ensure dairy farmers can make the most out of their daily milk supply. But, one of the other key factors that make rubber cow mats a necessity is to ensure your livestock is healthy.

Now many would ask why rubber?

Rubber Cow Mats are durable and resilient to abrasion and heavyweights. Apart from that, it is an easy-clean mat that gives your dairy farm maintenance on a budget.

In India, our pricing markets are sensitive, with many dairy farmers being misled into considering low-grade cow mats that are not even produced from natural rubber.

Dairy farming has advanced and there many cost-effective ways to even increase productivity. Cow Mats are one of them.

But here are a few things you didn’t know about a Cow Mat.

Things You Didn’t Know About Cow Mats

Buffalo or Rubber Cow Mats come with features that not just make dairy farms productive but also help in cutting costs in maintenance of the cowsheds.

Alongside cost-effective dairy farming, the importance of healthier cows is the key focus of rubber cow mats.

On a dairy farm, hygienic maintenance of the cows is the prime and shortest route to ensuring you keep making profits. A cow mat guarantees healthier livestock.

And, our rubber cow mat experts with 10+ years of manufacturing experience can vouch for the fact of increased productivity techniques in dairy farms all over India.

Complete Buyer’s Guide to Cow Mats

Overview of Cow Mats in India

India has some of the harshest regions in the world and dairy farmers in such regions must ensure that they keep making the money to sustain themselves. Think of a dairy farm in a flood-prone area like somewhere in Kerala and Odissa, or even the harshest winters in Jammu-Kashmir where vegetation is close to insignificant. There are communities that depend on dairy farming for their staple bio food intake.

This makes Rubber Cow Mats one of the best possible options for floor insulation during harsh weather. Your livestock will not produce a high daily milk supply if they are unwell, cold, and suffering from fatigue.

Simply put, instead of spending money on your livestock’s unwanted health problems, you would rather invest in maintaining better health for your cows.

Simply put, if you are a dairy farmer who wants to maximize their profits on a budget, Rubber Cow Mats are going to be the option you have.

We at Duratuf strive to achieve excellence in not just elevating the health of your livestock but help you figure out cost management for your dairy farm productivity.

In doing this Cow Mats come with the following benefits:

We have found after years of research that not all Rubber Cow Mats for Sales will promise you quality. You need to ensure that you are buying the right cow mat at a guaranteed return on your investment.

And you can only make sure of that when you buy from the best cow mat manufacturers directly or through registered resellers.

Key Benefits of Duratuf Cow Mats

Now, that you know how to buy them here are the key factors you didn’t know that Cow Mats do to increase your dairy farm profitability;

  • 15% increased daily milk supply
  • A reduced cow knee injury
  • Anti-Fatigue feature
  • Increases cow laying downtime
  • Easy to Clean
  • Bottom surface drain channel
  • Affordable
  • Weather Insulation
  • Increased blood supply
  • 2-year warranty

Remember, there is no substitute for cattle health to increase your dairy farm’s productivity. Invest in high-quality cow mats to have a high-performing dairy farm and keep your cattle safe.

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