Where to Buy Rubber Sheets? The Duratuf Commitment

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When it comes to affordability, quality, and variety, you should never compromise those three when buying an industrial/Commercial Rubber Sheet. When it comes to your gaskets and sealing requirements your rubber sheets should prove to be efficient and durable.

We ensure that our effort in producing quality rich Commercial Grade Rubber Sheets results in the flexibility, affordability, and adaptability of our client’s functional requirements.

We have been bringing the highest quality natural rubber and silicone rubber sheets to the market since 2010. And have been evolving as the leading Rubber Sheet Manufacturer in India to upgrade and provide better prices for our ever-changing clients. Having rubber sheets that sustain the industrial demand over a long period of time is exactly what makes Duratuf the trusted name in the market.

To know Why We Love Silicone Rubber Sheets (And You Should, Too!)

The Duratuf Rubber Sheet Commitment

Our Duratuf Commercial Grade Rubber Sheet is the highlight of our company. Manufactured from coming premium materials and designed to meet the flexibility of many industries.

Therefore, if you are looking for the top Rubber Sheet Manufacturers in India, then your search ends with Duratuf. Our Black Natural Rubber Sheet and Commercial Grade Rubber Sheet resist chemicals, extreme temperature, UV rays, and ozone exposure.

And the durability is our promise to you, as we provide a test certificate and 24 months manufacturer’s warranty on our rubber sheets.

Among the most popular sheet, rubber products are Duratuf’s Black Natural Rubbber Sheet which is ideal for a broad range of applications. Enabling unparalleled resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

Duratuf Commercial Rubber Sheet has resistance to organic and synthetic oils and superior resistance to chemicals. Used for gaskets and sealings. Ideal for protection against oils and grease from leaking in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Silicone Rubber Sheet – 60 Shore A – Translucent functions best for UV and ozone resistance. It will work perfectly for uses in the outdoors and allows for protection against chemicals and Heat & Electrical Applications.

We have established ourselves as the pioneering Rubber Sheet Manufacturer in India and leading exporter of rubber sheets too. Setting the benchmark for the most competitive rubber sheet prices in the current market. We are committed to producing industry-grade and highly flexible utility-rich rubber sheets.

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