How to Cut a Natural Rubber Sheet on Your Own in 4 Easy Steps

Rubber Sheet

Cutting a rubber sheet is easier than you think. There is a proper way of doing it, so you won’t damage your material or worse, an injury. Learning how to cut rubber properly can give you a clean cut that won’t leave you with gaps or crooked edges.

This way you will end up with a rubber sheet which you can connect on your own will fit better, and will look nicer. Some thicker rubbers might be tough and take longer to cut but using the same procedure will still get the job done.

As the leading Rubber Sheet Manufacturer in India, we have listed the instructions to ensure your mat is cut correctly!

This guide is for not for professional but for people who has a DIY project for themselves. With this sort of project, there will be no need to seek out the help of rubber sheet manufacturers in India.

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These are the materials you will need:

Sharp Utility Knife:

A fixed blade works best over a retractable utility knife. Be sure the blades are sharp, not dull; it will make this cutting procedure a lot easier and safer. If you are making repeated cuts, you may want to have blade replacements or a blade sharpener at hand.


It’s always best to mark the line with something that can be easily seen and washed off. Mark the line with chalk and wash it off when you’re done. Avoid using more-permanent methods of marking, like pens or sharpies.

Straight Edge

You will need a straight edge to mark up the line and to use it for support when cutting the rubber sheet. This will allow you to make a clean and straight edge. A yard or meter stick will work fine, preferably one made of a thin metal material. These are less likely to have inconsistencies.


Having a pair of protective gloves is imperative to avoid any accidents whatsoever. All employees at rubber sheet manufacturers use gloves constantly and so should you.

Soap and Water

Sometimes this can help make the cutting process go faster; however, soap and water can also be a hazard since it affects the speed of that knife in your hand!

How to Cut Natural Rubber Sheets?

Step 1

Lay the mat flat on the ground. Then, using the straight edge, mark the line where you will cut with your chalk. Do this several times until the line is visible and straight.


Now, place your straight edge on the cutting mark firmly and use your sharp utility knife to score the line two to four times. Cutting rubber can take longer for thicker materials so you may need to score it a few more times in those situations. If needed, use some of the soapy water!

Step 3

Next, grab the rubber close to the line where you cut and bend it towards you. The line will break open when you do this.

Step 4

Finally, lay the mat back flat on the ground and score the line a few more times working down until the cut is complete.

Final Note

Voila! Cutting a rubber sheet with these instructions gives you the advantage you need to save time. Do so for any Rubber Sheet for Floors to get this job done easily and safely.

This process may be made easier by cutting on a raised surface such as a 2 X 4 woodblock.

The weight of one side of the mat will push itself down away from the cut, making it easier for the knife to penetrate.

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