The Best Cow Mats Manufacturer in India

cow mats manufacturer in India

If you are looking for the best Cow mats manufacturer in India, then your search ends here.

We have been in the rubber matting business for 10+ long years. We have found that cow mats have been proven to improve your dairy farm productivity.

Moreover, it is scientifically proven to improve your Cow’s health and increase your milk production by 15%.

Duratuf’s Cow Mats are manufactured from a microcellular blend of EVA, popularly known as the expanded foam rubber. In addition, it is mixed along with high-quality natural rubber.

This is where, the rubber incorporates numerous tiny air bubbles that ensure soft, warm & comfortable bedding for Dairy Cows and Buffalos.

Did you know that if your cow lies down for a longer time, it will produce 10-15% times more milk?


Because when your cow lies down for a longer period, the blood circulation increases almost by 25-30%.

All of these are compelling reasons for you as a Dairy Farmer to consider increasing the productivity of your Cows.

In our years as cow mats manufacture in India, we can assure that your dairy farms” profits depend on how well you can care for your animals and cows in your dairy sheds.

Duratuf cow mats are cost-effective because, you do not just save on their health costs, but it is also eco-friendly. With proper drain channels on our Cow Mats, you can expand the maintenance of your dairy farm.

Things You Didn’t Know About Cow Mats – And Why They Matter

How a Cow Mats Manufacturer in India Make Varieties of Cow Mats

Many cow mats manufacturers in India will sell you’re a variety of cow mats without proper test certificates and warranties.

However, we at Duratuf pride ourselves in ensuring that you get test certificates, 2 years replacement warranty for manufacturers defect.

We make that commitment of quality when you buy Duratuf cow mats online from the Duratuf Store.

Cow Mats Variety at Duratuf

At Duratuf we have two major varieties of Cow mats.

Amoeba | Duratuf Cow Mats

cow mats manufacturer in India
  • Size: 23mm Thick x 4ft. Wide x 7ft. Long
  • Top Surface: Amoeba Design
  • Bottom Surface: Drain Channel

Hexa | Duratuf Cow Mats

cow mats manufacture in India
  • Size: 23mm Thick x 4ft. Wide x 7ft. Long
  • Top Surface: Hexa Design
  • Bottom Surface: Drain Channel

Duratuf Cow Mats | Features

  • Will absorb noise from machinery and animal movement
  • Comfortable bedding for cow sheds and farms
  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased milk production
  • Anti-fatigue mats for cows
  • Floor insulation from all temperatures
  • Lowest online price assurance

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When it comes to your dairy farm, ensuring the health safety of your cows is a priority. And we understand that. To help you make more profits from your dairy farm, installing cow mats is going to be very useful.

With more productive cows, you can ensure your milk production and sales are going to go up.

How to Find the Best Cow Mats Manufacturer in India?

Simply, call us directly at +91-80880-01133 or leave us a query at

We assure a client-centric approach to all our deliveries, including free delivery in India.

We also manufacturer a variety of other rubber products, here is the whole product line for Duratuf Products Private Limited.