Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 2019-20 | Overview

Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 2019-20

What is Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 2019-20? It is an agricultural scheme designed to be a stepping stone for Dairy Farmers in India.

In fact, there are various government schemes for farmers in all sectors. As a result, you can see a boom in the dairy farming industry.

As a matter of fact, this is doubly beneficial for Dairy farmers. Especially, who are looking to start off or even aspiring Dairy farmers in India.

Raising animals for breeding and milk purposes requires a unique set of care management.

Therefore, in the course of providing your livestock with stable care management, the costs are steep. And, the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 2019-20 helps Dairy farmers in India. Especially to meet the capital costs.

Dairy farming over the years has changed with more modern technology and cost-effective ways of dairy care management. This is where the DEDS scheme 2019-20 is designed to promote safer, cleaner, and more productive dairy farming techniques.

How it Works | Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 2019-20

In understanding why the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 2019-20 is beneficial, you need to be familiar with the term ‘Animal Husbandry’.

Animal husbandry is an agricultural term that explains the care management process of livestock raised for milk, fiber, eggs, meat, etc.

You will see that there is a specific set of care management policies for Dairy farms, for example, the sanitation and the use of Cow/Buffalo Mats for livestock.

The Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 2019-20 ensures that basic capital costs are covered through loan schemes.

History of DEDS Scheme 2019-20

Launched by The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries (DAHD&F), there was a pilot scheme titled “Venture Capital Scheme for Dairy and Poultry” in the year 2005-06. 

The direct objective of the DEDS scheme 2019-20 is to extend assistance for setting up small dairy farms. In addition, other components bring structural changes to the dairy sector. There are many changes that were also introduced in 2010 to the DEDS Scheme.

The three main aims of the DEDS Scheme 2019-20 are;

  • To make dairy farmers more sustainable
  • Promote Modern dairy farming techniques
  • Regulate the commercial access of dairy products

And, now the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 2019-20 is set to cover a lot more benefits than before.

Here is a Complete Buyer’s Guide to Cow Mats to understand dairy farm care management better.

Objectives of the DEDS Scheme 2019-20

  • Encouraging modern-day dairy farming for the production of clean milk
  • Promote heifer calf rearing, thereby conserving good breeding stock
  • Introduce structural changes in the unorganized sector so that initial processing of milk reaches village sectors too
  • Upgrade quality and traditional technology to handle milk on a commercial scale
  • Promote self-employment and provide infrastructure mainly for the Diary farming unorganized sector.

Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 2019-20 | Who Is It For?

If you are a Farmer, individual entrepreneur, NGO, company, group of organized and unorganized sectors, etc. Groups of organized sectors include Self-help Groups (SHGs), dairy cooperative societies, milk unions, milk federations, etc.

You will be eligible to avail assistance for all the components under the scheme but only once for each component.

Likewise, more than one member of your family can be assisted under the scheme. That is if they set up separate units with separate infrastructure at different locations.

However, the distance between the boundaries of two such farms should be at least 500 meters.

DEDS Scheme 2019-20 | How to Apply?

The DEDS Scheme 2019-20 is designed specifically to ensure that dairy farmers have fair access to business growth.

With the DEDS Scheme 2013-20 as a dairy farmer, you can get loans ranging from 3 Lakhs to 26.50 Lakh. The minimum unit size for you would be 2 animals. With a max of 10 animals.

You should note, it is designed to be truly accessible to the most vulnerable. Therefore, 25% of the project cost (33.3% for ST/SC farmers) is a back-ended capital subsidy.

The subsidy is also designed to be a pro-rata basis to a maximum of 10 animals with a ceiling of Rs. 15,000/-.

You can buy animals costing higher, however, the subsidy is restricted to the above ceiling.

To know more about the loan figures and subsidy terms and conditions find the DEDS Scheme 2019-20 details here.

You can download the DEDS application form from here. However, for further inquiries, you can apply for the Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 2019-20 here.

Dairy Farming & Care Management | Cow Mats & Health Benefits

One of the most important aspects of all dairy farmers is the health management of their livestock. In setting up your cow dairy farm or even a livestock dairy farm, you must ensure that your livestock is well adjusted.

Healthier livestock means more profits for dairy farmers. The DEDS scheme 2019-20 is designed to educate and promote modern-day dairy farming techniques. And, Cow Mats are one of the most cost-effective solutions for dairy farmers for the following reasons;

  • Reduces Knee Injury
  • Increases milk production by 15%
  • Excellent insulation for livestock
  • Increases laying downtime
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Easy drainage
  • Superb sanitation
  • Cost-Effective Insulation
  • Better Claw and Hoof health

When it comes to cattle flooring in dairy farming, it specifically ensures that a dairy farmer is making the most of his/her livestock. Therefore, for productivity, cattle sanitation, and healthcare costs Cow Mats have proven to be the most cost-effective option.

How Do Cow Mats Increase Profits for Dairy Entrepreneurs?

For first-time dairy entrepreneurs, being productive and yielding the most out of their cattle is a priority. For you, as a 1st-time dairy farmer to make the most of your cattle, you need to ensure that they are healthy and have a long milk cycle.

This is where the environment and cattle shed floorings make a massive difference in your cattle’s health. Animal husbandry crucially points out the need for modern dairy farming techniques that yield more profits for dairy entrepreneurs.

The DEDS 2019-20 is geared to help dairy farmers install cow mats and the required cattle sheds and machinery and more.

How Cow Mats Reduce Costs for Dairy Entrepreneurs?

As a 1st-time dairy Farmer, your goal is to ensure that none of your livestock falls ill and you are producing the livelihood in a systematic process. A dairy farmer needs the below four things;

  • Sustainable Maintenance of Livestock
  • Cleaner Animal Sheds
  • Cost-Effective Productivity from Livestock
  • Effective Post Milk Production Channels

The stronger and healthier your cattle are, the faster you sell. Cow mats ensure a sanitized process of cattle comfort while milking. Not to mention works like perfect insulation for your livestock.

In reality, that increases your cattle laying downtime reducing knee injuries. Ensuring that the milk supply for your dairy farms increases.

That means a 1st-time dairy farmer will always have an influx of business.

In fact, Cow Mats are part of the modern-day dairy farming techniques that reduce common claw disasters in dairy production and farming.

Final Thoughts

The Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme 2019-20 is designed to uplift and promote modern dairy farming. With this intention, we at Duratuf are the leading Cow Mats Manufacturers in India with 10+ years of experience.

Moreover, to ensure that dairy farmers make the most of their cattle, we provide exclusive advice on modern and cost-effective dairy farm flooring like Cow Mats.

In conclusion, to talk to our Dairy Farming Flooring Care Management just dial +91-80880-01133. To talk to our Cow Mats experts you can dial the same number too or just leave us an email at care@duratufstore.com