Cow Mats Help You Do More with Your Dairy Farm

Cow Mats

Cow Mats have proven to be cost-effective for dairy farmers in terms of cow health. Why? Simply because your animal stock is your breadwinner on your dairy farm.

The better your cows are performing in terms of their health and milk production, the more you are ensuring your profit flow.

But there is far more to cow mats than just making your cows healthier. cow mats are designed to help you make the most out of your dairy farm setup.

Imagine having livestock that requires constant health investments that yield low milk production.

That is not good news for you, moreover, it is probably indicating you towards an improved livestock maintenance system.

What Do Cow Mats Do?

Cow Rubber Mats are designed to do a variety of things for your dairy farm. At Duratuf our Cow Mats will ensure for you the following-

  • 15% increase in milk supply daily
  • A reduced cow knee injury
  • Anti-Fatigue feature
  • Increases cow laying downtime
  • Reduces lameness
  • Easy to Clean
  • Bottom surface drain channel
  • Affordable
  • Weather Insulation
  • Increased blood supply
  • 2-year warranty

What Else Can Cow Rubber Mats Do?

Cow rubber mats are designed to run you beyond those points we mentioned above.

At Duratuf we understand that for a dairy farmer cost incurring is a matter of grave concern. You constantly must decide on what works best for your budget.

Having Animal mats with channel drainage means you would be saving a lot on flooring management for your cow sheds.

It lasts longer and easier for you and your staff to keep your cow bedding area clean. This saves you more effort and time on business development than having to constantly worry about flooring management.


If your cows and livestock are going to be suffering from lameness, chances are your profits and sales are going to drastically drop too.

Here are the Things You Didn’t Know About Cow Mats.

None of that is desired as it just doesn’t make it harder for you to generate milk sales. But, the healthcare costs of your livestock are going to shoot up.

Adding far more unnecessary costs to your already burdened budget.

This also means with cow rubber mats you would be saving far more on Animal shed maintenance. Making it one of the most cost-effective animals shed floorings available on the market right now.

Should I Buy Cow Rubber Mats Online?

When it comes to Cow Mattress Prices online, the idea is to always choose a trusted seller. A company that is recognized and will you give you warranties.

Also, before purchasing, it is also advisable that you as a consumer have direct contact with the company.

Call them and talk to someone there while buying cow mats online.

The Duratuf Commitment

We at Duratuf believe in not just improving dairy farming techniques but facilitating dairy farmers with advice on cow shed flooring.

Our commitment to providing durable and cost-effective Animal mats has not just made us a household name. But, a trusted cow mats, online seller, too.

So, if you are looking to improve your dairy farm shed flooring, call us at +91-80880-01133 or leave us a note at

We assure you the world-class quality in Animal Rubber Mats and durability suited rightly for our weather and pockets too.

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