Duratuf Amoeba Cow Rubber Mat: Features, Benefits & Specifications

Amoeba Cow Rubber Mat

For dairy farm owners the success of the business lies greatly in the way they nurture the dairy animals. Profits too depend on the well-being, safety, and comfort of dairy cows. Out of the many criteria, the most important point is to offer cows a proper and comfortable resting bed. Check out the features and specifications of Duratuf Amoeba Cow Rubber Mats and explore its benefits for greater results. The cow mats offer great comfort to dairy cows while they rest or stand for long hours in the cattle sheds. Amoeba cow rubber mat can impact a lot in improving the resting period of cows and thereby increasing the overall milk production of cows. Duratuf Amoeba Cow Mat offers comfortable bedding to dairy cows.

Key highlights of Amoeba Cow Mat

Superior Quality: Duratuf amoeba cow floor mat is composed of top-quality rubber providing comfortable bedding to the cow. Duratuf Amoeba Cow Rubber Mats feature a microcellular blend of EVA as well.

Anti-Skid Design: Dairy farm owners need not have to worry about frequent limb injuries to the cows and the medical costs associated because of those injuries. Thanks to the anti-skid design which ensures a non-slip surface for the cows whenever they stand in the cow rubber mat for long hours. 

Drainage Channels: The presence of urine in the cowshed floor mat may lead to bacterial infections in cows. The bacterial infections may further lead to a decline in milk production in those cows. Amoeba cow rubber mat ensures minimal bacterial infections. The cow floor mat design have fluid clearing channels underneath that drain off the urine present in the mat. Thereby keeping the mat for the cow easier to clean and maintain.

Anti-Fatigue: Amoeba cow mats also consist of an anti-fatigue feature. Cows tend to stand for long hours if they feel the floor or mats are not comfortable in the cattle shed which will affect the milk production of cows. Milk production increases in cows that rest well for long hours. It can lead to health problems in cows such as Rheumatism and premature culling. With premium-quality Duratuf Amoeba Cow Rubber Mats, the possibility of arthritis that may occur due to change in climatic conditions along with rheumatism and premature culling can be significantly reduced.

Floor Insulation: Amoeba cow rubber mats also offer improved resistance from heat, cold and moisture.


Material: Rubber + EVA | Grade: Premium

Size: 23mm Thick x 4ft. Wide x 7ft. Long

Weight: 14-15 Kg

Top Surface: Amoeba Design

Bottom Surface: Drain Channel

Colour: Black

Warranty: 2 Years

Premium-quality Duratuf Amoeba Cow Mat features a thickness of 23 mm and a width of 4 feet followed by a length of 7 feet thus ensuring optimum utilization of space in the dairy farm. The cow floor mat weighs between 14 to 15 Kg. The top surface of the mat has an amoeba textured pattern. The drain channel is located at the bottom surface. It is available for purchase with 2 years of warranty. Dairy farm owners can opt for cow mats in colour black.

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