Duratuf Amoeba Interlocking Cow Mat: Features, Benefits & Specifications

Duratuf Amoeba Interlocking Cow rubber mats

Cow mats are no longer considered a symbol of luxury among dairy farm owners. Instead, it is now a key necessity for ensuring the safety and comfort of cows. The resting time depends a lot on the convenient resting area offered to the cows. A concrete floor is never a good option as it does not provide the needed comfort for cows and thereby reduces their rest time. On a concrete floor, the lack of comfort may lead to cows standing for long hours. The less resting time dairy cows take, the less is the resulting milk production. 

The cemented floors may create pain in cows especially when cows decide to rest after feeding the calves. This could adversely impact the udder of the cows since the pain may make the udder sensitive in cows. Moreover, cows urinate frequently. If the flooring of the cattle shed is concrete, then it may not dry quickly. If the cows rest on wet surfaces for a longer duration, then there is a greater possibility of bacterial infection such as Mastitis in cows. When Mastitis impacts cows, their health worsens and it could lead to significant medical expenses for the dairy farm owners. The best solution is covering the flooring of the cattle shed with Duratuf Amoeba Interlocking Cow Mat. 

What is the specialty of interlocking cow rubber mats? 

Interlocking mats are designed to ensure optimum space utilization in the dairy farms so that farm owners can accommodate the maximum number of dairy cows and mats within the fixed square meters. Interlocking mats are quite easy to transport and install as well.

How dairy farm owners can improve milk production with Duratuf Amoeba Interlocking Cow Mat?

With Duratuf Amoeba Interlocking Cow Rubber Mats, cows are able to rest for a longer duration. This helps to reduce any sort of limb injuries that could occur due to standing for long hours on concrete floorings. Rubber mat for cows also features an anti-skid design that restricts cows from falling due to slippages that may arise out of watery surfaces. For cleaning away the urine in the cow floor mats, the mat for the cow is designed with drainage channels that drain off the liquid from the top surface of the mat, thus keeping the cow mat dry. Duratuf Amoeba Interlocking Cow Mats are extremely easier to clean. You just need to flush out any dirt or cow dung with a force of water coming out of rubber pipes. By keeping the mats dry, farm owners can significantly reduce the possibility of Mastitis. 

Rubber mats for cows also feature an anti-fatigue design. By resting in cow floor mats, cows may not get tired easily. The more resting period cow gets, the more would be the blood circulation in cows which positively impacts the overall milk production in cows. With increased milk production, dairy farm owners can generate more profit for their dairy business. Cow mat also reduces foot diseases such as heel warts and foot rot. 


Material: Rubber + EVA | Grade: Premium
Size: 23mm Thick x 4ft. Wide x 7ft. Long
Weight: 14-15 Kg
Top Surface: Amoeba Interlocking Design
Bottom Surface: Drain Channel
Colour: Black
Warranty: 2 Years

The top surface of the cow floor mat features a visually appealing Amoeba interlock design that offers enough grip to the cows while they spend hours standing. Duratuf Amoeba Cow Rubber Mats also offer increased comfort to rest longer. The bottom surface of the mat for the cow features a drain channel through which cow urine can be drained off. It is available in black colour. Duratuf Amoeba Interlocking Design rubber mat for cow comes with a 2-year of warranty. 

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