Duratuf Hexa Cow Rubber Mat: Features, Benefits & Specifications

Hexa Cow Rubber Mat

Nothing is more beneficial for a dairy farm owner than providing their dairy cows convenient resting mats. The longer cows can rest in cow rubber mats, the better the milk production would be. Increased milk production leads to increased revenue generation. So, cow rubber mats offer dairy farm owners business growth through increased milk production and reduced medical expenses in the dairy farm. Hence, dairy farm owners should give utmost priority to apply premium quality cow mats within their cattle sheds.

Cow mats are sure to provide a mutually beneficial result for both dairy farm owners and cows. For dairy farm owners profit is what they achieve and for cows, it offers utmost comfort, reduces limb injuries, prevents bacterial infections, and more. There are different types of rubber mats for cows available for purchase in the market. One of the most popular among them is Duratuf Hexa Cow Rubber Mat. This cow floor mat is designed to offer superior comfort for cows that spend a longer duration standing/resting in the cattle shed. It is extremely easier to clean as well as maintain.

Key Features of Duratuf Hexa Cow Mats

Anti-Slip Design: A key feature of the Duratuf Hexa Cow Rubber Mat which ensures cows are provided with enough grip so as to avoid any sort of slippages that could happen due to a moist surface. It helps a lot in reducing injuries in the limbs and the associated costs that may arise out of it.

Non-Porous: Smooth and comfortable surfaces are assured for cows with the help of Duratuf Hexa Cow Rubber Mats comprised of a non-porous design.

Superior Quality: It is manufactured using premium-grade rubber along with a microcellular blend of EVA that is capable of holding tiny air bubbles. These air bubbles play an important role in offering convenient bedding for the cows.

Drainage Channels: The presence of fluid clearing channels ensures utmost hygiene is maintained including flushing out of urine helping to keep the cow mats clean.

Anti-Fatigue: Duratuf Hexa Mat For Cow features anti-fatigue characteristics that further helps in reducing the possibility of rheumatism, arthritis, lameness in cows and minimize premature culling.

Floor Insulation: Duratuf Hexa Cow Floor Mat offers enhanced resistance from floor insulation, cold, heat, and moisture.

Specifications of Duratuf Hexa Cow Rubber Mats

The presence of the Hexa design and structure gives the mat for cow best-in-class features. Each of the cow mats weighs anywhere between 14 to 15 kilograms. Duratuf Hexa Cow Mat is available for purchase with a thickness of 23mm and is 4 feet wide and 7 feet in length. The top surface of the Hexa cow mat features a visually appealing Hexa design and hence the name. However, the bottom surface features a drain channel. Duratuf Hexa Cow Rubber Mat is available in black color. However, it can be made available in other colours as per the request of the customer. Each of the mats for cows comes with a standard warranty of 2 years. Cow mat price is also affordable to purchase and features a budget-friendly price tag. 

Dimensions and Properties

Material: Rubber + EVA | Grade: Premium

Size: 23mm Thick x 4ft. Wide x 7ft. Long

Weight: 14-15 Kgs

Top Surface: Hexa Design

Bottom Surface: Drain Channel

Colour: Black

Warranty: 2 Years

For bulk order, get in touch at +91-80888-77444 or drop a mail at sales@duratufproducts.com  Alternatively, for retail orders visit https://www.duratufstore.com/product/cow-rubber-mats-hexa/