How To Reduce Medical Expenses In Dairy Farms?

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The dairy industry accounts for approximately 4.2% of India’s GDP. Almost 7 crore families in India are involved in dairy farming as their primary source of income. However, prospering in the dairy industry comes with a bundle of challenges every now and then, especially when you are dealing with dairy cows. Maintaining a dairy farm no matter how small it is becomes quite a difficult task. Taking care of your dairy cows is indeed critical. Most of you might agree that it’s quite a challenge to keep the dairy farm hygienic and control the spread of diseases among cattle. Here’s a bunch of questions for you, let’s see whether you agree with these or not:

  • Do you want to control the spread of Mastitis in your dairy cows? 
  • Are the medical costs of your dairy cows increasing due to frequent limb injuries and bacterial infections? 
  • Are the dairy cows not resting enough due to a lack of comfortable bedding resulting in low milk production?
  • Is it becoming difficult to maintain hygiene on your dairy farm? 
  • Do you want to increase the milk production of your dairy cows?
If most of your answers are ‘yes’, then read on. 

Gone are the days when cows would graze on the meadows and rest on the comfortable grasslands. Concrete floors have replaced the natural grass bed of cattle in most dairy farms. And, thus modernization has led to various challenges in maintaining the proper health of the dairy cows to increase milk production. After feeding the calves, the udder of the mother cows becomes sensitive. Resting on concrete floors makes the udder over-sensitive and painful. Poor health conditions, in turn, lead to low milk production. Thus, directly affecting the prospects of your dairy business. 

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Mastitis, again, is a major issue challenging dairy farm owners in India and abroad. Mastitis is undoubtedly one of the costliest diseases in dairy animals. The losses due to mastitis including low milk production, higher medical expenses, and poor animal welfare are important reasons to focus on mastitis control programs. According to the latest data published by NDRI, India incurred an estimated loss of INR 7165.51 crore per annum due to Mastitis. Almost 70% loss was incurred due to sub-clinical mastitis.

So, how to overcome these impeding challenges of the dairy industry?

All you need are cow mats! Yes, Cow Mats made of natural rubber and a combination of EVA offer comfortable bedding to your dairy cows. Encourage your dairy cows to spend more time resting on cow mats that shall improve blood circulation to their udder and help them to draw more milk than usual.

In 2019-20, India earned just $86.73 million from the export of dairy products. The figures can grow in the next 5-10 years by exporting to giant markets including the US, European Union, and China. So, let’s check out how cow mats can benefit the dairy industry.

Top 9 Exclusive Benefits Of Duratuf Cow Mats:

  1. Designed with premium grade rubber and a microcellular blend of EVA which holds tiny air bubbles offering comfortable bedding to dairy cows enhancing resting period and thereby improving milk production
  2. A non-slip surface reduces limb injuries & medical costs
  3. Reduces infections by maintaining hygiene underneath fluid clearing channels; reduces bacterial infection, such as Mastitis caused by prolonged contact with the wet surface
  4. The anti-fatigue feature resists excessive rheumatism, relieves the symptoms of arthritis causing lameness in cows, reduces premature culling
  5. Improves pregnancy productivity of dairy cows
  6. Offers floor insulation, heat, and moisture resistance acting as a thermal insulator to maintain balanced body temperature helping to improve the health conditions of dairy cows.
  7. Relieve the symptoms of arthritis causing lameness in cows; reduce feet diseases such as foot rot or heel warts; limits the growth of pathogens.
  8. Enjoy 24 months of warranty, our proactive sales, and logistics support.
  9. Adapts well to all existing cleaning methods like flushing, alley scrapers, rubber tire scraping, and more.

So, now that you know how beneficial cow mats can be, let’s check out the range of Duratuf cow mats with detailed specifications:

The Promise Of Duratuf: Why Us?

Duratuf is a brand trusted by above 2000 customers worldwide for our quality assurance, moderate pricing, unparalleled support to help you purchase the best range of products serving your needs and budget, logistics support, and our fastest delivery network. We have hardly dealt with customer complaints in these 11 years of business.

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