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What is Silicone Rubber Sheet – 60 Shore A – Food Grade?

Silicone rubber sheet

When it comes to Silicone Rubber Sheet 60 Shore A – Food Grade, the utility is on many folds. You can just think of simple food manufacturing processes that benefits from the hygienic properties.  Duratuf Food grade silicone rubber is often used in food processing, packaging and preparation applications. It can also be found in […]

Why We Love Silicone Rubber Sheets (And You Should, Too!)

Duratuf Silicone Sheet

These days there are many options for rubber sheets. Starting from silicone rubber sheets to natural rubber sheets and so on and so forth. One of the best options if you are looking for a multi-purpose function then nothing can do the job better than Silicone Rubber Sheets.  Why? Well for that we need to […]