Step-by-Step Guide to Electrical Insulating Mats

Duratuf X Volt Insulating Mats

When it comes to Insulating Matting, nothing will get the job done better than Electrical Rubber mats. You can try a lot of fabrics, but the most sustainable non-conductive insulated matting is the electrical insulating mats that will be compatible with high working voltages.

But, finding the accurate working voltages tested Insulating mats is far from easy. If you look at the number of people offering you low priced insulating mats with compromised quality, investing in one can be a daunting task.

So, combining our 10+ years’ experience in making rubber manufacturing smart and innovative, our insulating mats experts have curated the best guide to help you purchase the best electrical rubber mats in the market.

But before we get into that- here is an overview-

Insulating Mats | Are They Worth It?

We can’t stress enough about how electrical fatalities can be prevented with the right quality Insulating Mats.

When you have people working on live equipment, the last thing you need as a business owner is a human loss due to a lack of electrical safety measures.

And, your workplace efficiency largely depends on how at ease your employees are.

Ensuring their safety prompts productive work cycles, results and most importantly it also saves your company from lawsuits.

Insulating Mats are actively designed to not just withhold high voltage current that can electrocute active live equipment workers from bottom to top.

Having a well-insulated electrical rubber mat that is tested to your working voltage, comes with its manufacturer’s warranty and produced from high-end rubber components is going to be the most cost-effective solution to your electrical safety woes.

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How to Buy the Right Electrical Insulating Mat?

When you are looking to buy electrical insulating mats, there are a few parameters we always insist that our clients look out for.

Not only are these tips geared to secure you the very best deal in the market but also save you from being played at the hands of non-tested quality compromised electrical rubber mats.

Insulating Mattings come in all shapes, sizes and working voltage testing. So, keeping the varieties in mind, here are the main features you should be looking in to before committing to an Insulating Mat.

Look for the Standard Technical Specifications

There is no use of buying electrical insulating mats that do not fit your required standard specifications. You would need to have your specific Dielectric range and also the working voltage right for your insulating mats to actually work.

Standard of Insulated Matting

The standard of your insulating mats is designed as per the requirements of your government’s electrical safety authority. All global authorities have their regional standards, such as IEC is for global/UK/EU, ASTM is for North Americans, AS/NZ is for Australia and New Zealand and IS 15652 is for Indian electrical safety authorities.

Check for the IS Marking on Every Meter

When buying in India always check for the IS 15652 marking on every meter. Genuine quality rich insulating mats are always carried with a standard and manufacturers mark on every meter.

Check for Warranties

We at Duratuf ensure that our customers get a 1 year’s manufacturer’s warranty with all our Insulating Mats. And, never settle for anything less than that. Warranties are built to ensure consumers make the most out of these durable electrical rubber mats.

Be Aware of Cheap Claims

The market is full of people making claims for cheaper prices, but they often compromise with the quality of the rubber and the components. This is where we ensure that Duratuf X-Volt comes with natural rubber components and all necessary specifications. Poor quality insulating mats will not just do the job but will risk an electrical fatality at any time.

Final Thoughts

When you are buying Insulated Matting, keeping handy the above buyer’s guide for Insulating Mats is going to be helpful. Remember do not get fooled by fake claims and compromised quality.

Go through the requirements and the above points to ensure that you do not get fooled at all. Check out the specifications of Duratuf  X-Volt Electrical Insulating Mats and let us know exactly the working voltage you need at Or just call us directly at +91-80880-01133.

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