10 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Electrical Insulating Mats

10 question you should ask about electrical insulating mats before buying it
10 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Electrical Insulating Mats

Insulating matting or widely known as electrical rubber mats is one of the most used electrical safety floorings for factories and offices that have operators. And, with your operators constantly working on electrically enabled equipment, having well-insulated flooring would also mean that accident chances are reduced drastically.

But here is the thing, when we are bombarded with so many options, having to know the right standard and specifications will save you a lot of buying hassles. Electrical mats are safety audits complied with measures.

In India, the most updated standard for electrical mats is the Insulation Rubber Mat, IS 15652. And, you would need to adhere to these safety standards to pass your electrical safety audit from the Indian Labour Authorities.

Why Use Electrical Insulating Mats?

These days, more and more companies are actively engaged in electrical safety. Safety can impact the bottom line and thus smart businesses prioritize electrical safety and embrace it as part of their culture.  Electrical safety starts with awareness and identification of hazards.

In manufacturing environments, electrical hazards may include shock, arc flash/blast, and fire. Employees performing electrical work need to understand the requirements of the electrical safety program.

Including the ability to recognize electrical hazards, know safe work practices, and the procedures for protection against these hazards.

Non-electrical workers should also be trained to identify electrical hazards and recognize when electrical work is being performed so they do not put themselves or electrical workers at risk. One of the best ways to limit exposure to electrical hazards is to eliminate energized work whenever possible.

This means placing equipment in an electrically safe working condition and verifying that equipment is de-energized before performing maintenance work.

Even when it comes to workplace owners, the employees and employers must have an active role in facility safety. Electrical insulation matting is one of the key safety factors in ensuring that your facility is electrical hazard-free.

Rubber Mats for Electrical Panels are a lifesaver and a cost-effective precaution for workplace electrical safety.

Here is a complete Step-by-Step Guide to Electrical Insulating Mats.

Ask These About Electrical Insulating Mats Before Buying It

Well, this is where we at Duratuf have put together our 10 years of Insulating Matting manufacturing experience. And have curated the top 10 things you should always ask before buying an electrical insulation mat.

What if I get Cheaper Electrical Insulation Mats?

We at Duratuf do not ensure the cheapest but you should note most cheap electrical rubber mats are made of mixed rubber components with fraudulent voltage resistance ranges. So, going for trusted manufacturers will ensure you get the best price.

What is the Warranty on the Electrical Rubber Mats?

Duratuf Electrical Insulation Mats come with a good 2-year warranty. And, this is always a very important factor you should cross-check before buying insulation rubber mats.

What are the Standard Payment Terms?

Most standard payment terms are 100% advance with the order. However, other payment terms include credit terms subjected to quantity and manufacturer approval.

Do I get a Test Certificate with the materials?

Always insist on your test certificate working to the voltage you need upon delivery with every insulation mat you purchase. We at Duratuf ensure test certificates with all our electrical insulation mats.

What are the special services & customization options available?

Not all manufacturers provide a customized ordering of electrical insulation mats. But, at Duratuf we provide Custom Formulation| Stencilling| Colour Customization| Custom Dimensions and upon request the installation of the electrical insulation mats. So, we suggest you always find out well about the additional services.

Where to Buy Electrical Insulating Mats from?

Frankly, we always suggest buying directly from manufacturers or authorized resellers. But, another easy way to purchase high-end electrical insulating mats at competitive prices is www.duratufstore.com

What is the Colour of the Insulating Mats?

Unless mentioned otherwise, our standard colours for insulating mats are black & blue. But, for customized colours, you should always talk to your manufacturing before setting the payment straight for your insulating mats.

Why should I use electrical insulating mats?

These mats protect the workers in case of accidental leakage of current while working on electrical equipment and provide the technicians with added safety and increased productivity. The use of electrical insulating mats not only safeguards the life of your workers but is also a mandatory requirement by various Safety Audit Agencies as per your national region.

Which type of insulating mats should I buy in India?

The most recommended mats in India are the Electrical Insulating Mats conforming to IS 15652:2006. They are approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and carry the ISI Marking on every meter. They are acceptable to all safety audits and government agencies.

And finally!

What kind of marking is there on the insulating mats?

Each mat carries marking on every meter as per the relevant standard including manufacturer’s identity, standard mark, lot no., class & type (if applicable), etc.


So, next time you are looking for the best electrical insulating mats don’t forget to keep this list handy. And to talk to our insulation mat experts for anything at all dial directly +91-80880-01133 or leave us a query at care@duratufstore.com