Why We Love Silicone Rubber Sheets (And You Should, Too!)

Duratuf Silicone Sheet

These days there are many options for rubber sheets. Starting from silicone rubber sheets to natural rubber sheets and so on and so forth. One of the best options if you are looking for a multi-purpose function then nothing can do the job better than Silicone Rubber Sheets. 

Why? Well for that we need to get into a little more detail. Making the buying process easy for our consumers is one of the efficient ways we can ensure that quality rubber sheets are affordable and utility rich. 

So, we combined our 10+ years of rubber manufacturing to the test and brought you the pros and cons, features of silicone rubber sheets and natural rubber sheets. 

What are Silicone Sheets? 

To put it simply, silicone sheets and made of synthetic rubber materials. This unique rubber blend provides you with a multi-faceted usage of these silicone rubber sheets. 

Duratuf Silicone Rubber Sheets is one of the most sought-after silicone rubber sheets in India. And, for good reason too. If you are going to be using the Silicone Sheet for Heat Press, then you would have to find silicone sheet manufacturers who can give you a test certificate against it too. 

So, brand accountability, durability, and affordability are the three most important factors that ensure you are buying the right silicone sheet in India. 

Duratuf Silicone Sheet Features 

  • Heat resistant
  • Oil & Chemical Resistant 
  • Smooth & Soft Surface 
  • Flame & Electrical Resistant
  • UV and Ozone Resistant 
  • Special Silicone Compound 
  • Non-allergic
  • Non-toxic 
  • Bacteria resistant

Where Can You Apply It?

  • Flange Gaskets on Pipes & Tanks 
  • Thermal & Electrical Insulation Insulating Strip & Isolation Barriers
  • Vacuum Forming Blankets
  • High-Temperature Loading Socks
  • Variety of Electrical Sealing Applications 
  • Transfer and joining sleeves 
  • Sealing applications 
  • Pharmaceuticals & Food processing industries
  • Hospitality industry

Duratuf Silicone Rubber Sheeting offers an excellent temperature range and an unbeatable resistance to weathering, UV and sunlight aging. When choosing a silicone rubber sheet, you get extremely resilient properties upholding capabilities in very high and low temperatures. This makes silicone rubber sheeting the ideal material for applications with extreme temperatures.

Silicone rubber sheet prices are set to be affordable due to the multi-purpose function. It has a wide range of uses in the food and pharmaceutical industries because of its non-toxic and non-allergic features. 

We at Duratuf provide a test certificate against all your purchases of our Silicone Rubber Sheets to ensure that you get nothing short of the very best. 

When it comes to colors, we have the Red Silicone Sheet that has an excellent flame, electrical, temperature resistance for -52 degrees to +250 degrees. Making it one of the most multi-purpose and feature-rich silicone rubber sheets in India. 

The Translucent Silicone Sheet of ours is geared at having a high chemical resistance and insulation advantages and used for chemical-proof flashing. 

Duratuf Silicone Sheet 60 shore A Food Grade comes with their excellent non-toxic, non-allergic and anti-bacterial properties that make it a necessary sheeting requirement for pharmaceuticals and food industries. Used efficiently for lining of food processing equipment, bumper protection strips and a range of sealing applications. 

Silicone Sheet vs Natural Rubber Sheets

This is where it all boils down to where exactly would you be applying it. 

With 10+ years of manufacturing experience, we can assure you that each rubber sheet comes with its perfect application. 

Depending on your application, both types of rubber sheeting have their benefits. What our natural rubber lacks in temperature resilience Duratuf silicone rubber makes up for. 

However, natural rubber is tough, with excellent abrasion and tear resistance. If you are looking for rubber sheeting to withstand temperatures ranging from -52°C to 250°C then silicone rubber sheeting is the perfect purchase for you. 

But if you are after a mechanical purpose to withstand tear and damaged then a natural rubber sheet is your answer!

Final Thoughts 

There is no doubt as to why Silicone Rubber Sheets have become an affordable alternative to natural rubber sheets. Apart from heavy-duty mechanical applications, Duratuf Silicone Rubber sheets will do everything else for you. 

We at Duratuf pride ourselves for being of the leading Silicone rubber sheet manufacturers in India and this endeavor has enabled us to bring you competitively low-priced silicone sheets without having to compromise on our high-end quality. 

To ensure our quality we also provide test certificates with every supply and will assign a silicone rubber sheet expert assigned to you to help you make the right choice. 

For any further inquiries leave us a message at care@duratufstore.com or to talk to a Silicone Sheet expert directly dial our Toll-Free number +91-80880-01133