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If you are looking to buy industrial goods online securely, we pride ourselves on being the benchmark for quality.

We believe that our quality promise must be backed by results. If you are looking to buy industrial goods like cow mats online then you have come to the right place.

Like natural rubber sheets, silicone sheets, electrical insulating mats for insulation purposes, and Cow mats for dairy farms, having a trusted marketplace is set to help you stock better.

How to Buy Industrial Goods Online

If you are looking to buy industrial goods online, then naturally you must be concerned about your safety.

This is where our 10+ years of experience is curated to help you buy industrial goods online securely. Don’t get fooled by faulty Rubber Sheets manufacturers in India anymore.

Look out for the tips below next time you are going to buy online.

Where to Buy Rubber Sheets? The Duratuf Commitment

Check for Authentic Manufacturers

One of the best ways to figure out whether you should buy industrial products online or not is to cross-check the manufacturer. Legitimate manufacturers of rubber sheets or even electrical insulating mats will have a strong digital presence.

For example, in a place like LinkedIn, authentic manufacturers will always have their profiles up there. Duratuf Products Linkedin profile has all the updates of the company. Similarly, serious businesses will always have transparency in their branding digitally too.

How to Tell Apart Industrial Goods

Here is a tip, you can have all the required images you need yet it can be hard to decide on products and their reliability. Especially for products like Cow Mats and Electrical Insulating Mats.

One of the easiest ways is to call us directly to talk to an industrial goods expert from Duratuf. This way you can learn more about the product. In addition, you are guided by the manufacturer’s in-house expectations on your check-out page.

Insist on Test Certificates

Never buy industrial goods online, unless you are being provided with the test certificates for all the required and ordered items. We at Duratuf Products provide test certificates for all our rubber sheets, electrical insulating mats, and silicone sheets.

It is No Good Without a Warranty

Without a warranty, anything you buy online may be a waste of money. That is doubly true when you want to buy industrial goods online. However, we at Duratuf Products pride ourselves on ensuring that our customers can rely on us.

In addition, we provide a warranty with all our products. Here are the warranty details for our industrial rubber products in Duratuf Store-

Natural Rubber Sheets
3 months of manufacturer defect warranty
Silicone Sheets
24 months of manufacturer defect warranty
Electrical Insulating Mats
12 months of manufacturer defect warranty
Duratuf Cow Mats
2 years replacement warranty against all manufacturing defects

Always Check Product Reviews

When you go to buy industrial goods online you would need to always keep an open eye for all reviews written against all the products. And, especially, the products you are looking for. Moreover, if you see reviews posted for consecutive days then maybe cross-check the reliability of those reviews. Authentic reviews are very easy to spot.


Therefore, trying to buy industrial goods online is not an easy take with so many mushroom companies around selling your promises. Moreover, if you are looking for quality rich, and reliable industrial goods online, it is advised you choose known market leaders.

We at Duratuf are committed to manufacturing feature-rich and audit complied Rubber Sheets, Silicone Sheets, Electrical Insulating Mats, and Cow Mats.

In our endeavor to excel in the manufacturing of industrial rubber products, we ensure reliability and affordability side by side. However, for additional queries and questions, you can find us on the digits below.

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